I love designing awards and commemorative gifts with buyers. Together we personalize them for the recipient, creating a special momento that goes above and beyond your typical off-the-shelf trophy or plaque. 

Why custom made?  Certain individuals receive a lot of recognition and awards. A good friend of mine, a judge, had so many that she once threw an entire box of them in the trash when she moved! She appreciated the recognition, but they were so numerous that she couldn't keep them all.  She only kept the ones that meant the most to her.  Knowing that this might be the case for your recipient in the future, wouldn't you want yours to be in the 'keep forever' box?

When you see awards that look similar, that means they were ordered for several years in a row. Look closely and the names and dates have changed.

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Memorial for colleague's wife

The evergreen represents the professor who passed; the other tree and flowers are his living family: the hills are their beloved W.V.; the evergreen shrubs his scholarly work, which will live on and on.