Manon Lyketsos ~ Fused Glass Artist

My interest in glass began the way it has for many-- in the traditional field of stained glass. I learned all that I could about it, then made it myself, wrote about it, and taught it to others for over a decade. I love the beauty, the spirituality, and the contemplative glow it brings to environments, and while it is still a great love of mine, all of my current work is in fused glass. I specialize in flat panels of fused glass-- specifically floral still lifes, mosaic dinnerware, and awards that are primarily for the medical community. The still lifes are floral scenes bursting with layer upon layer of colorful glass flowers, as well as stems, leaves, vases, dragonflies, butterflies, and more. The awards are special art pieces designed to capture much more meaning and personality than those purchased in run-of-the-mill trophy stores. The mosaic dinnerware combine two different looks of glass art—the lead lines of stained glass with the piecing of mosaics--then they’re fired until flat and fired again to slump into shape. Although all three types of my panels end up being perfectly smooth, solid artifacts, they all started out as different glass elements: some were glass powders, some glass stringers, others glass frit, or tiny glass chips, etc. Pieces were sifted, cut, clipped, nipped, arranged in the kiln and fired anywhere from 1325˚ to 1500˚, then layered together and fired again several times until the desired results were achieved. 

I'm honored to have my work carried in shops and galleries around the United States including the GlassMarket at the Corning Museum of Glass, Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass in Neenah, Wisconsin, The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art in Winter Park, Florida, and Wheaton Arts in Millville, New Jersey.

Other career highlights: I teach/have taught classes and workshops at Ignite Glass Studios, Lillstreet Art Center, the Chicago Glass Collective, the Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass, and Weisser Glass Studio. I taught stained glass for over ten years at two different community colleges in Maryland, and fused glass for Art Exposure in Maryland for several more. I’ve also taught at Glass Craft and Bead Expo in Las Vegas. I find it energizing to introduce the art of fused glass to all ages, from school age children to retirees. Everyone can make something cool in glass!

            I have written a fair bit in my lifetime for glass magazines and cake decorating magazines, and I wrote a gingerbread book back in the late 90s. I’ve participated in gallery shows with my signature pieces since 2011, and I had two designs published in a pattern book. 

            When living in Baltimore I served in various chair positions on the Board of the Baltimore County Arts Guild. Now in Chicago, I am the chair of the Women's Task Force for Rotary District 6450, and past president of the Rotary Club of Chicago Lakeview.  I also teach CORE reading to the formerly incarcerated at St. Leonard's Ministries. I belong to the American Glass Guild and the Stained Glass Association of America.

            Past endeavors include earning my Master’s Degree in Education, teaching 7th and 8th grade for a decade, and working as a proofreader and a volunteer coordinator for the Alzheimer’s Association. 

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